Job Training Programme

Job Training Programme

Main Goal

It caters to youths aged 17-25 who possess the potential to be trained for employment in the open job market.


  • Job training (food preparation, baking, housekeeping, sewing)
  • Group dynamics (modular lessons, self monitoring & evaluation)
  • Training in hospitality and catering services.
  • Leisure time (music, drawing, language development, etc)
  • Outing

The Employment Support and Placement Programme

Once the trainees are employed, the job coach will follow them to their work place and help them adapt and stay focused on their job. They will be followed up until they are steady and able to work independently before the job coach releases them to be on their own.

Criteria For Admission of Job Training Programme (JTP)

These 2 programmes are for those who:

  • are 17 – 25 years old (JTP) / 17 years and above (PW).
  • have significant developmental delay / learning difficulties.
  • can communicate their wants and needs.
  • are toilet-trained. Females must be able to cope with their menstruation well.
  • have no physical disabilities which would affect their mobility.
  • do not exhibit violent tendencies.
  • have undergone an assessment and found to be suitable for the programmes by the trainers.*

Application Process

1. Application for admission into any of our programmes / centres can be done by contacting the relevant staff to arrange for an assessment date.

2. During the assessment, bring your child along with the following documents:


  • Child’s birth certificate (1 set photocopy)
  • Doctor’s diagnosis letter / report (1 set photocopy)
  • 4pcs 2R photos


  • Child’s identity card (1 set photocopy)
  • OKU card (1 set photocopy – if available)
  • 2pcs passport photos

3. During the assessment, a parental / guardian interview will also be conducted. Parents / guardians are expected to answer truthfully the questions posed to them, in order for the team of teachers / trainers to know the child and the family better.

4. Parents will be notified of the result of the assessment, after the assessment date.

* Please note that application and assessment of child do not guarantee admission. Admission is based on the outcome of discussion by our team and careful review by the Management Committee, and the availability of manpower.





  • 职业训练 (准备食物,烘焙,家政)
  • 检讨会 (言语表达能力)
  • 培训招待&餐饮服务
  • 休闲时间 (唱歌,绘画等等)
  • 户外活动 (参观动物园,打保龄球等等)